Table 2

Potential Clues to Feigned Sexsomnia

Efforts to conceal behaviorEfforts to conceal sexual acts allegedly committed while asleep demonstrates a knowledge of the acts.
Repeated episodes of sexual abuse perpetrated after being aware of the behaviorAn individual genuinely concerned about the effect of his sleep-related sexual behavior would be more likely to try to reduce the risk of recurrence.
Recollection of the episodeSexsomnia occurs during slow-wave sleep, a time when an individual is typically not conscious. Research demonstrates that full or patchy recall of alleged events occurs in a minority of cases.
New-onset sexsomnia presenting as sole parasomnic behaviorOne tenth to one third of patients presenting with sexsomnia in research studies have no history of current or prior nonsexual parasomnic behavior. New-onset sexsomnia with no history of other parasomnic behaviors in an individual charged with a sex offense may raise an evaluator’s suspicion.