Table 3

Institutional Variables

OUD and Buprenorphine (n = 875)OUD without Buprenorphine (n = 396)No OUD (n = 367)
Years remaining on sentencea2.1c3.1c4.9c
Any substance-related chargea25.3%b7.6%3.3%
Misuse of authorized medicationa10.1%b1.3%0.5%
Use of prohibited substancesa9.0%b1.8%0.8%
Possession of prohibited substancesa8.5%b3.8%1.9%
Refusing testinga2.3%b0.0%0.0%
Being intoxicated1.3%1.8%0.3%
Making intoxicants0.7%0.5%0.0%
Distribution of prohibited substances0.2%0.0%0.0%
  • a p <.001.

  • b z >2.0.

  • c Tukey HSD p <.01.