Table 2

Diagnosis Information for Patient Population Including Comorbid Substance Use Disorder, Personality Disorder and Cognitive Impairment

DiagnosesDischarged on ClozapineClozapine Discontinued Prior to Discharge
Restored (n = 69)Not Restored (n = 104)Restored (n = 7)Not Restored (n = 11)
Primary Diagnosis
 Schizophrenia spectrum5579.79187.5685.71090.9
 Other psychotic disorder57.287.7114.319.1
 Bipolar disorder34.321.900
 Substance use disorder11.411.000
Substance Use Disorder
Personality Disordera
Cognitive Impairment
  • Note. A chi-square analysis indicated that there was no significant relationship between groups pertaining to patient demographics.

  • a Personality disorder diagnoses include antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and other specified personality disorder.