Table 2

Point Biserial Correlations of WMS-III Scores and Competency Judgment

WMS-III ScoresCompetency Judgmentp-Value
Auditory Verbal Immediate Memory−0.303a0.032
Logical Memory I−0.322a0.023
Verbal Paired Associates I−0.2250.117
Visual Immediate Memory−0.1010.484
Auditory Verbal Delayed Memory−0.356a0.011
Logical Memory II−0.315a0.026
Verbal Paired Associates II−0.385b0.006
Auditory Delayed Recognition−0.281a0.048
Visual Delayed Memory−0.1030.479
General Memory Index Score−0.286a0.044
  • CST: n = 10.

  • Competency Judgment (coded competent = 1; incompetent = 2).

  • ap < .05. bp < .01.