Table 2

Mean Scores on Violence Risk Assessment Training Outcomes

How you understand issues related to privacy, obligations to third parties, and violence risk assessment and management5.811.12
What you do to address questions related to risk of harm to others5.781.11
How you interact with clients who pose a potential risk of harm to others5.781.14
The amount of time you spend on threat or risk assessment5.701.15
How you document confidentiality5.791.17
How you document executing (or not) duty to warn or duty to protect5.761.17
How you document the product of a violence risk assessment5.771.16
The amount of time you spend documenting your work5.711.17
How you collaborate with your colleagues5.691.17
How you collaborate with other organizations in the community5.701.18
Total IOTTAa score5.771.07
  • aIOTTA: Impact of Training and Technical Assistance.