Table 6

Items Identified by Respondents as to What They Enjoy about the Field of Forensic Psychiatry

FactorQuotations from Survey
Intellectual challenge and stimulationThe intellectual challenge of figuring out complex cases
The interface of psychiatry and the law and translating knowledge back and forth
Rigor, the intellectual challenge, medico-legal analysis
Love the reports for court. Love legal analyses. Enjoy working with lawyers and providing testimony
The complexity of the cases
There are always new challenges and difficult cases to keep me engaged and interested
Meaning and impactSeeing patients recover and safely reintegrate; managing really challenging cases where others have failed
I feel good in knowing that I am trying my best to help my correctional population who have dealt with extremes in pain and suffering.
Feels like the issues are really meaningful
I believe I am contributing to Canadian society by working intensely with the criminal justice system and mentally abnormal offenders.
Ability to treat patients successfully and reintegrating them in to community as valued member
The work environment, including colleagues and teamsRehab work and the possibility of treating patients in an interdisciplinary team
Enjoy working in a team-based environment
Great colleagues
VarietyThe variety of areas of practice (inpatient, outpatient, corrections, variety of content in cases)
Variety of work (assessment, rehabilitation)
FlexibilityFlexibility of work
The patient population, flexibility, and breadth of experiences flexibility to choose what I do