Table 6

Available Comparisons Reported in Three CT ERPO Study Publications

Current study (2013–2020)Swanson et al. 20174 (1999–2013)Norko and Baranoski 20143 (1999–2013)
Total (n)1,407762764
Mean age47.6 years47 years
Who initiated ERPO
 Healthcare providers8.3%8% (employer or clinician)
Type of risk
 Self-harm69.3%61% (based on n = 702)
 Harm to others38.4%32%
Rural or suburban92.5%76%
Mental health treatment
 No DMHAS history57.2%89.2%
 Active DMHAS treatment7.1%<1%
Substance use
 Alcohol use28.5%30%
 Drug use10.5%<5%
Action taken by police
 Sent to ER78% male; 92.4% female60% male; 80% female
Weapons ordered held by court50.9% petitions granted (data available for 80% of cases)68% (data available for < 30% of cases)