Table 3

Mental Health Concerns and Alcohol and Drug Use

Characteristicsn (%)
Respondents with mental health concerns (excluding alcohol and substance use disorders)1,148 (81.6%)
 Specific mental health diagnosis or psychotropic medication212 (15.1%)
 Vague statements about mental health936 (66.5%)
 Irrational or erratic behaviorsa94 (6.7%)
 Cognitive decline from dementia, TBI, or other causesa67 (4.8%)
Respondents with no mental health concerns259 (18.4%)
Respondents with alcohol or drug use637 (45.3%)
 Alcohol only401 (28.5%)
 Drugs only148 (10.5%)
 Alcohol and drugs88 (6.3%)
Respondents with no alcohol or drug use770 (54.7%)
Respondents with drug use236 (16.8%)
 Opioids, including heroina93 (39.4%)
 Marijuana149 (20.8%)
 Inhalants (e.g., huffing, whippits)a53 (22.5%)
 Stimulants, hallucinogens (e.g., methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, PCP)138 (16.1%)
 Respondents with vague or unclear references to drugsa57 (24.2%)
  • Note. N = 1,407 subjects.

  • aNot mutually exclusive.