Table 1

Characteristics of Female Offenders

    Age, y41.208.50
    Education, y11.732.16
Substance abuse characteristics
    Substance dependent9275.4
    Primary substance of abuse
        Cocaine (crack)3427.9
    Diverted into substance abuse treatment7362.3
        Level of substance abuse treatment
            Inpatient treatment5778.1
            Intensive outpatient treatment912.3
            Outpatient treatment79.6
Legal characteristics
    Current misdemeanor charge2626.6
    Current felony charge8977.4
    Drug-related arrest6553.3
    Incarcerated at time of evaluation3932.0
    Total number of arrests (lifetime)8.2514.39
    Length of current incarceration, months6.2313.06
Family history characteristics
    Family history of violence3730.3
    Family history of substance abuse7359.8
    Family history of mental illness2016.4
Violence characteristics
    History of violence (victim and/or perpetrator)2520.5
    Victim of intimate partner violence4234.4