Table 2

Characteristics of Stealing Behavior Among Students Who Report Stealing

Nonkleptomania Stealing (n = 608)Kleptomania (n = 29)χ2p
Frequency of stealing in a typical week
    <7 times45875.331551.7214.110.0028
    7–14 times467.57310.34
    15+ times10417.111137.93
Ever tried to cut back?*19532.072910056.02<0.0001
Family expressed concern10917.932379.3163.48<0.0001
Missed activities to steal?6610.871758.6255.61<0.0001
Do you think you have a problem?8013.22896.55136.22<0.0001
Experienced an irresistible urge to steal?*13622.372910086.91<0.0001
Experienced growing tension relieved only by stealing?*559.0529100200.02<0.0001
Total number of items endorsed
  • * These were required for the respondent to be included in the kleptomania group; n, number of respondents in each category; %, indicate weighted percentages.