Table 1

Studies of Sexual Assault of Males

AuthorStudy Design% MaleVictims% Female Victims% Orally or Anally Penetrated (Men)Mean Age of Assault Victim% Male Victims Identifying as Homo- or BisexualMore Than One Assailant% Stranger Assault
Sorenso et al.7Randomized community study7.2% of 1,480 total13.5% of 1,645 total38.8%NANANANA
Elliot et al.8Randomized community study3.8% of 470 total22% of 471 total74%20.4 (men)24.7 (women)NANANA
Coxell et al.9Survey of men attending general practice clinic2.89% of 2,474 menNA18% anally203.1%NANA
Coxell et al.18Survey of men attending genitourinary clinic18% of 224 menNA29% anally2122%NANA
Riggs et al.10Victims presenting to ER3.8% of 1,076 total96.2% of 1,076 total42.9% orally,66.7% anally25 (both)NANA38.7% (both male and female)
Hillman et al.11Male sexual assault victims contacting counseling service100 totalNA75% anally14.561%43%28%
McLean et al.3Patients presenting to a sexual assault referral center5% of 8,165 total95% of 8,165 total65.6% anallyNANANANA
Frazier12Patients presenting to a sexual assault referral center5% of 1,445 total95% of 1,445 totalAll either orally or anally30NA31% of males, 19% of females50% (both male and female)
Stermac et al.13Retrospective study: male stranger, male acquaintance vs female acquaintance assault64 male stranger, 81 male acquaintance assaults106 female acquaintance assaults54% of stranger, 60% of acquaintance anally penetrated27 (all)NAMales more likely than females
Ernst et al.14Victims presenting to ER3% of 2,213 total97% of 2,213 total100% anally penetrated26NANA33% of male
Pesola et al.15Victims presenting to ER27 sexual assaults of men (12% of 173)88% of 173 assaults23/27 or 85%28.917/21 or 63%NA26.3% of male victims; 47.4% of male victims assaulted by someone known <24 hours; 26.7% of female victims
Lacey and Roberts16Males attending a sexual assault referral center13 total (100%)NA8/13 or 61.5%21.63/18 or 16%NA5/13 or 38.4%
Kaufman et al.1714 Male rape victims compared with 100 randomly selected female rape victimsNANAAll anallyNANA50% of males compared with 23% of femalesNA, it appears most male victims assaulted by strangers