Table 2

The Clinical Risk Factors and Future Hazards in the Victim That Aggravate Risks Presented by Stalkers

Risk FactorsPotential Management
    Unwillingness to make use of legal protectionAdvice and practical assistance in accessing police and other legal protection, advocacy when indicated
    Unwillingness to engage in therapy and take adviceEncouragement to join stalking survivor groups and provision of information about stalking
Future hazards
    Anything that will compel ongoing contact with the stalker (e.g. joint custody of children, shared work environment)Strongly encourage total ban on direct contact or direct communication; provide direction for services to assist with managing any potentialfor contact
    Initiating contact with the stalker, out of guilt or just an inability to leave well enough alone, or through misguided efforts to negotiate an end to the harrassmentCounseling and information on stalking; stalking survivor groups; reinforcing no direct contact, no direct communications
    Continuing to reject the use of legal protection and therapeutic support, or abandoning the services that have previously failedCounseling to restore confidence in services and to provide active advocacy with law enforcement agencies and increased security
    Becoming caught up in attempting to fight back rather than reduce riskInformation and counseling on hazards of this approach; counseling aimed at managing anger more constructively