Table 2

Motivation Scores Before and After Treatment by Treatment Group

No Criminal JusticeInvolvement(Mean)Criminal JusticeInvolvement(Mean)TimeTime × GroupGroup
Precontemplationn = 92n = 28
    Post Tx2.52.7p0.050.600.56
Contemplationn = 92n = 28
    Post Tx3.473.13p0.020.300.36
Actionn = 93n = 28
    Post Tx3.413.13p0.200.110.52
Maintenancen = 92n = 28
    Post Tx3.353.03p0.150.160.23
Pure actionn = 92n = 28
    Post Tx0.080.1p0.830.940.84
Readinessn = 90n = 28
    Post Tx7.86.6p0.010.120.33
  • Higher scores on precontemplation indicate lower motivation to change. Higher scores on contemplation, action, maintenance, pure action, and readiness indicate higher motivation to change substance abuse behavior. It is also important to note that the n changes per variable due to unequal numbers of subjects per cell. Tx, treatment