Table 2

Questions That an Expert May Use to Detect His or Her Own Unconscious Biases

Emotions and Motivations
    Did I think about this case more or less that is typical?
    Did I think excessively about someone involved in this case?
    Have I been more or less diligent than is typical?
    Is my report or opinion narrower or broader than requested?
    Does my opinion resemble my opinions in other cases?
    Have I had interpersonal difficulty with other parties connected to this case?
    Am I having difficulties outside the case?
    Do others suspect me of bias?
    Does this case resonate with my sociopolitical beliefs?
    Do I have preexisting emotions or motivations about an issue or person related to this case?
    Have I failed to follow up on discrepancies or details in this case?
    Have I failed to consider the possibility that mental symptoms are malingered or factitious?
Fund of Knowledge
    Is my personal background appropriate for this case?
    Is my training and experience adequate for this case?
Information-Processing Style
    Does my theoretical perspective leave aspects of the case unexplained?
    Does my reasoning involve unchecked heuristics and biases?