Table 2

Rates of Mental Illness and Parental Motives in Filicide and Filicide‐Suicide: Comparison of Coroners' Studies

StudySample% Mental illness% SuicideFilicidal Motive
Bourget and Gagné12 (Quebec, 1991–1998)27 Mothers67% Depression; 15% psychosis56%68% Mental illness; 9% fatal abuse
Bourget and Gagné28 (Quebec, 1991–2001)60 Fathers52% Depression; 10% psychosis60%66% Mental illness; 25% fatal abuse; 1% retaliation
Hatters Friedman et al.61 (Ohio, 1958–2002)10 Mothers70% Depression; 30% psychosis100%90% Altruism; (10% psychotic altruism)
20 Fathers50% Depression; 25% psychosis100%60% Altruism (20% psychotic altruism); 10% acute psychosis