Table 2

Learning Formats in a Competence Restoration Curriculum

EducationBasic knowledge of the trial process, including the roles of the courtroom personnel, pleas, plea bargaining, charges, sentencing, and how to assist one's attorney
Anxiety reductionTwo one-hour sessions per week with a psychologist to teach defendants anxiety management techniques suitable for use in court
Guest lecturesWeekly meetings with court personnel (judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and probation officers) who speak to the defendants and answer questions
Mock trialsRole-playing by defendants of various courtroom personnel in a scripted mock trial, with discussions led by clinical staff
Video moduleVideotapes of actual courtroom proceedings watched by defendants, with discussions led by clinical staff
Post-restoration moduleDiscussion of court experiences between incompetent defendants and defendants who have been to court
Current legal eventsReview and discussion of news stories involving criminal trials