Table 2

Model for Prediction of Re-arrest for Any Offense

Sig. LevelExp(B)Exp(B)−1
Treatment by month.036.837−16.3%
Age at release.000.972−2.8%
NYC resident.0001.46946.9%
No. prior arrests.0001.0181.8%
No. prior violent arrests.006.952−4.8%
No. prison terms.0001.14114.1%
ME release.0002.071107.1%
No. days of last prison term.000.939−6.1%
White vs. Hispanic.0121.34634.6%
Black vs. Hispanic.0001.45545.5%
Substance abuse diagnosis.0011.25525.5%
Specialized parole (PSTP).006.539−46.1%
ME release * time.002.999−0.1%