Table 1

Summary of Themes Identified

Global theme: what constitutes stalking?
    Organizing theme: stalking as a subjective construct
        Level of threat
    Organizing theme: hierarchy of threat to guide classification
        Linguistic distinction between stalking and harassment
Global theme: minimization of threat
    Organizing theme: stalking is inevitable
        Stalking is an inevitable consequence of being a psychiatrist
    Organizing theme: medicalization of stalking
        Reference to an explanatory psychiatric theory
        Diagnosis as a justification
        Humor as a minimizing technique
Global theme: negative psychological impact of stalking
    Organizing theme: stalking and anticipated stalking induced distress
        Fear of the possible consequences
        Formulating an explanation
    Organizing theme: Stalking as a cause of mental disorder
        Psychopathological consequences
Global theme: awareness of vulnerability to guide practice
    Organizing theme: awareness and vulnerability
        Pre-emptively vigilant
        Became aware of their vulnerability
    Organizing theme: responses
        Preventive behaviors employed in practice
        Vigilance was the most common response
Global theme: difficulty getting help when stalked
    Organizing theme: variations in support
        Support difficult to access
        Well supported
    Organizing theme: distress related to support requests
        The unsupported often expressed more distress