Table 1

Review of Statistics in Studies of Murder-Suicide

StudyReported IncidenceMurder-Suicide Incidents, nDate RangeLocation
Marzuk et al.50.2–0.3*11 incidents; 22 deaths1 week in 1989United States
Cohen et al.130.3–0.7 in <55-year age group*89 incidents in <55-year group1988–1994Southeast and West Central Florida
Hannah et al.90.34 and 0.38*53 incidents;1980-1984
116 deaths1990–1994
Hanzlick and Koponen100.46*12 incidents; 26 deaths1988–1991Fulton County, Georgia
Campanelli and Gilson110.26*16 incidents1995–2000New Hampshire
Comstock et al.120.3*73 incidents; 162 deaths1994–2001Oklahoma
Bossarte et al.140.23*65 homicides;2003NVDRS
0.238*144 homicides2004(multiple states)
  • * Per 100,000.