Table 3

The Five Stages of Courtroom Performance by the Expert Witness

Stage IEntrance into the courtroom with intent to be informative and performative
Stage IIInitiating the performance: act of accrediting through introduction; establishment of credentials and experience
Stage IIIDirect examination: interactive exchanges to facilitate the telling of the expert witness's story—the narrative. Use of techniques to tell the story with voice and body; use of other visual aids
Stage IVCross examination: the process where the expert's story will be challenged and where the expert must work calmly to buttress the story—with techniques employed in the preceding stage
Stage VTransitioning to the end: the direct examiner seeks to underline the major points of the expert's narrative and signals to the audience that the performance is coming to a close and the curtain will fall
  • Throughout, the performance will still be influenced by professional ethics, identity, and representation.