Table 1

ABPN MOC Examination Content Outline for 20133

Topic category% of Exam
I. Legal regulation of psychiatry: Hospitalization, confidentiality/privilege, right to treatment, right to refuse treatment, duty to protect, informed consent, medical board issues, research19
II. Civil: Malpractice, personal injury, workplace concerns (Worker's Compensation, disability, discrimination, and harassment), competency for medical treatment and finance, and testamentary capacity19
III. Criminal: Competency (to stand trial, waive rights, testimonial), criminal responsibility, alcohol and drug prosecution, and presentencing/diversion programs19
IV. Death penalty: Ethics, competency to be executed, exceptions, epidemiology, aggravating circumstances, mitigating circumstances, and victim impact5
V. Corrections: Epidemiology, settings, special treatment programs, treatment of seriously mentally ill, due process issues, sociology, conditions of confinement, security vs. treatment issues, probation/parole, sex offenders, and class actions9
VI. Legal topics/basic law: Sources of law, court system, adjudicative process8
VII. Children/families: Civil (custody, abuse/neglect, competency, commitment, adoption, evaluation of sex abuse, malpractice), criminal, forensic evaluation of children, education, and disabilities8
VIII. Special issues: Hypnosis, polygraph, syndromes, malingering, psychological assessment, psychopathy, neuroimaging, managed care, drugs and alcohol, psychological autopsy, ethics, practice issues, expert witness, and risk assessment13