Table 2

JAAPL articles in each ACGME didactic curriculum topic: 2008–20124

TopicNumber of Articles
History of forensic psychiatry4
Roles and responsibilities of forensic psychiatrists10
Assessment of dangerousness14
Assessment of accused sexual offender16
Evaluation and treatment of incarcerated individuals13
Ethical, administrative, and legal issues in forensic psychiatry10
Legal regulation of psychiatric practice15
Writing a forensic report3
Eyewitness testimony0
Fundamentals of law, statutes, and administrative regulations5
Structure of federal and state court systems1
Use of law library and on-line legal reference services0
Theory and practice of sentencing4
Basic civil procedure0
Basic criminal procedure4
Tort law0
Children's rights0
Family law0
Structure and function of juvenile systems0
Structure and function of correctional systems4
Conservatorships and guardianships0
Child custody determinations2
Parental competence and termination of parental rights0
Child abuse/neglect0
Psychiatric disability determinations6
Testamentary capacity0
Psychiatric malpractice6
Personal injury litigation6
Developmental disability law0
Competency to stand trial18
Competence to enter a plea0
Testimonial capacity1
Voluntariness of confessions1
Insanity defense6
Diminished capacity7
Evaluations in aid of sentencing2
Safe release of persons acquitted by reason of insanity4
Competence to be executed0