Table 2

States with Misdemeanor and Felony Charges, Sorted Based on Wording of Statute Title

    Arkansas18    Arizona*17
    Iowa19    Delaware*33
    Minnesota*20    Georgia34
    Utah21    Indiana15
    South Dakota*35
Cruelty to animalsCruelty to animals
    Alaska22    Washington*36
     Maine: subsection Bestiality23
Sexual assault of an animalCrime against nature, Sodomy, or Buggery
    California*24    Idaho*16
    Oregon25    Kansas37
    Rhode Island*13
    South Carolina*41
    Florida: Sexual activities involving animals26    Illinois: Sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal43
    Maryland: Unnatural or perverted sexual practice27
    Missouri:* Unlawful sex with an animal28
    Nebraska: Indecency with an animal29
    New York:* Sexual misconduct30
    Pennsylvania:* Sexual intercourse with animal31
    Wisconsin: Sexual gratification32
  • * Wording contains no specific description of acts that constitute an offense.