Table 1

A Summary of Zoophilic Classes

Class, NameCharacteristicsAlternative Terminology
I, Role playerEnjoys having sex with a living human pretending to be an animal.“Furry”
II, Romantic zoophileKeeps an animal as a pet for psychosexual stimulation; does not engage in sexual activity with animals.
III, Zoophilic fantasizerFantasizes about intercourse with animals, but does not indulge in actual intercourse. May masturbate in the presence of an animal.Zoophilic voyeurism
IV, Tactile zoophileStrokes erotic parts of an animal like genitals, anus, or perianal region to achieve orgasm. May rub genitals against an animal.Zoophilic frotteurism
V, Fetishistic zoophilePreserves parts of animals like furs to use as a fetish for zoophilic activities.Zoophilic fetishism
VI, Sadistic bestialDerives sexual pleasure from sadistic activities with an animal, such as torture.Zoophilic sadism, zoosadism
VII, Opportunistic zoophileEngages in sexual acts with animals when consenting humans are not available.Bestialism
VIII, Regular zoophilePrefers sexual intercourse with animals; does not enjoy sexual acts with humans.Zoophilia erotica, Zooerasty (depending on presence or absence of emotional bond)
IX, Homicidal zoophilePrefers killing an animal and having sex with it over sexual intercourse with a living animal.Necrozoophilia
X, Exclusive zoophileEngages exclusively in sex with animals at the exclusion of human partners.Zoophilia erotica, Zooerasty (depending on presence or absence of emotional bond)
  • Adapted from Aggrawal.8