Summary 5.3B

Useful Records in Criminal and Civil Evaluations

Personal records:
  • Past and present mental health treatments

  • Substance abuse treatment

  • Medical history and treatments

  • Psychological testing results

  • Expert declarations and prior forensic reports

  • Educational history

  • Occupational history

  • Military history

  • Arrest history

  • Histories of detention and incarceration

  • Personal notes

  • Diaries

  • Computer files

  • Cellular telephone records and text messages

Criminal assessments:
  • Police reports

  • Grand jury minutes

  • Investigation reports

  • Witness interviews

  • Police interrogation tapes and interview transcripts

  • Tapes of jail conversations

Civil assessments:
  • Job description

  • Work investigations and employment hearings

  • Educational history

  • Depositions of the plaintiff, treatment providers, and other relevant parties

  • History of lawsuits

  • Undercover investigation reports or videotapes

  • Financial institution records