Table 1

Examples of Three Types of Optional Answers to Examinee Questions

QuestionAppropriately Self-disclosingRespectful DeflectionAsking Questions About the Questions
Are you getting worn out the way I am from all this?Yes, I am. We have been talking for over three hours, and I am a little worn down.We have covered a lot of things, but I hope you will bear with me as we stay with this.Can you tell me how you are getting worn out and what effect this might be having as we work together today?
They pulled me out of my cell quickly and I did not have time to wash. I know I have body odor. Have you noticed it?Yes, I have, but I have been paying attention to what you say and what you think, and that is what is important to me.I know it is what happens in jails.I'm curious what it would mean to you if I did notice your body odor.
Do you think I made a mistake putting this tattoo on my face?I honestly don't know if it was a mistake. Some people will react negatively to it.Lots of people have tattoos nowadays.What would it mean for you if I had a positive or negative reaction to your tattoo?
Was that your stomach rumbling?Yes. Sorry abut that. My stomach makes noises when I am hungry.I have been paying close attention to what you were saying.And if it was?
  • These are combinations of questions asked by different examinees or questions changed to protect the identities of the examinees.