Table 2

Sex Crime Cases Occurring in Restrooms or Changing Facilities

YearLocationDressed as Opposite Sex*Description of IncidentLocation of IncidentPerpetrator's Gender
2016IDNoCell phone used to take photos of a victim3234,36Women's department store dressing roomTransgender woman
2016WANoUndressed; did not identify as female, but stated new state law allowed him to be there32,35,36Women's locker room at a public poolCis-gender man
2015WAYesCell phone used to photograph a victim36Women's restroomCis-gender man
2015VAYesVictim filmed32,35,36Women's restroom at a mallCis-gender man
2015AlbertaYesVictim filmed changing36Women's changing roomCis-gender man
2014CAYesAttempted sexual assault36Women's restroomCis-gender man
2014OntarioYesSexual assault of two women35Women's shelterCis-gender man
2014WAYesCamera placed in a restroom36Women's restroomCis-gender man
2013OntarioYesMirror used to peer into an adjacent stall36Women's restroomCis-gender man
2013CAYesPolice allege perpetrator attempted to film women in restrooms34,36Women's dormitoryCis-gender man
2013CAYesVictim filmed32,3436Women's department store restroomCis-gender man
2012WAYesShowered for sexual gratification34,36Women's locker roomCis-gender man
2011United KingdomYesCell phone used to photograph victims and audio record them urinating34,36Women's restroomCis-gender man
2011ORYesLocker room entered32,34,36Women's locker room at a water parkCis-gender man
2010CAYesCell phone used to photograph women32,36Locker roomCis-gender man
2010GAYesUndressed in front of children32,36Women's restroomCis-gender man
2009CAYesLoitering for several minutes32,36Women's restroomCis-gender man
2008INYesCell phone used to photograph a woman32,36Locker roomCis-gender man
2004PAYesLocker room entered36Women's locker roomCis-gender man
2003JapanYesObserved nude women34Women's resthouseCis-gender man
  • * Individuals were transgender, falsely claimed to be transgender, or appeared as the opposite gender.