Table 1

Five Examples of Convicted Child Pornography Accessors

Retired Senior78-year-old retired man developed an interest in collecting erotica, some of which was categorized as child pornography. Not believing he had acted wrongfully, he took the computer containing those images for repair, and the computer technician notified legal authorities.
Gay Adolescent18-year-old male periodically viewed pornographic images of 15-, 16-, and 17-year-old males online. He was prosecuted for receiving and possessing child pornography.
Traumatic Brain InjuryYoung male in early 20s had sustained a traumatic brain injury a few years prior to arrest. Having become mildly disinhibited, he began spending hours in his mom's basement viewing pornography, some of which had been child pornography.
AutismYoung male in mid-20's on the autism spectrum had difficulty relating socially and sexually to peers. Still a virgin, his way of having sex was via masturbation while viewing pornography online, which included, at times, child pornography.
Sexting18-year-old male received naked pictures of herself from his 16-year-old girlfriend. Her parents notified legal authorities, and he was charged with receiving and possessing child pornography.