Table 1

Characteristics of Firearm Seizure Cases in Indiana

Characteristicn (%)
    Male318 (80.5)
    Female77 (19.5)
Age, y, mean (range)42.8 (17–86)
    White301 (76.2)
    Other94 (23.8)
Reason for gun seizure (not mutually exclusive)
    Suicidal ideation269 (68.1)
    Homicidal ideation83 (21.0)
    Domestic disturbance112 (28.4)
    Acute mental illness, cognitive impairment67 (17.0)
    Drug or alcohol intoxication104 (26.3)
    Other14 (3.5)
Number of firearms removed per case, mean (range)2.7 (1–82)
Number of firearms removed, by type
    Handguns548 (50.8)
    Long guns or not described531 (49.2)
    Total1,079 (100.0)
Action taken by police at the scene of firearm removal
    Not arrested
        Transported involuntarily to a hospital for evaluation273 (69.1)
        Transported voluntarily to a hospital for evaluation38 (9.6)
        Not transported to a hospital or arrested52 (13.2)
        Transported involuntarily to a hospital for evaluation, and arrested19 (4.8)
        Arrested at the scene of gun removal and transported to jail13 (3.3)
  • N = 395 subjects.